Android Tip-Top 5 Android Hacks For Non Rooted Android Devices


Top 5 Android Hacks For Non Rooted Android Devices. Most of the Android users think rooting is the only option to unlock new features on any Android device. Well, there are few “Android hacks” possible in your device without rooting it.Android Hacks For Non RootedWe all want new and advanced features in our phones, But devices with high-end specifications have those advanced features. Still, there are few tricks, which can change your phone completely and make it more accessible.

Here are the Top 5 Android Hacks For Non Rooted Android Devices which will help you know about some advanced features in your device, which you haven’t seen till now:

#1. Now you can Lock your phone, remotely:

Android Hacks For Non Rooted Android

Did you know? It is actually possible to lock your phone “remotely”. We all are pretty serious about security when it comes to phones and other gadgets. Here is how you can Lock your phone remotely. With the use of android device manager, you can literally lock your phone or erase all the data remotely.

To do this you must be signed in your Google play app and then go to Android device manager and read the instructions. Basically, what this app do is, it will ask you to allow app permissions.

Then with the help of Google play services it will perform actions like “Lock your phone” or “Erase all the data” remotely.

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#2. Now you can Bypass your security:

Android Hacks For Non Rooted Android

We all are sick of locking and unlocking our phones, Especially when we are using it for hours at home. So now you can set up a trusted location, which will grant you to use your phone without lock only in the provided location.

All you have to do is set up a trusted location and then your device won’t get locked by passwords or patterns when you are using it in that location.

But this could be bad If you’re using it in public places. Because if you lose your device then the person can unlock it without any pattern or password. This trick can be used by using the App called as “smart lock”.

All you need to do is go to the app, then enter your pin and then tap “trusted place”. And then all you need to do is add a place here, where you want to use your phone without password or pattern. For example “Home”

#3. Record voice calls:

Android Hacks For Non Rooted Android

If you want to save your call recordings, then you can do it by installing several apps. But a majority of apps will need root to work, And also they have too many advertisements, so it will be frustrating.

There is an App called “Automatic Call Recorder”, Which is available on play store for free and with fewer advertisements. And the best part is, This app does not require root to install and use it. So now you can use this app for recording your voice calls.

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#4. Use LED flash as a heart-rate monitor:

Android Hacks For Non Rooted Android

This trick is about the heart-rate monitoring, And if your device doesn’t have this featured app, then you can have it without root. There are multiple apps available in play store. But 90% of apps won’t work without root.

How this trick works is, there is an app known as “Instant Heart Rate”, Which is the best for this trick. All you need to do is open this app and your phone’s Flashlight will be ‘ON’. Now this will track the color changes under your skin by keeping the flashlight ‘ON’ for few seconds. And give you the reading.

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#5. Turn your navigation buttons into app shortcuts:

Android Hacks For Non Rooted Android

By using the “Home2 Shortcut” app you can turn your navigation buttons into app shortcuts. How this works is, open the app and you will see a set of instructions to use it. You can assign different applications as a “function” when you tap your navigation keys.

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