Android Tips-List of Best Alternatives Of SHAREit App For Android


List of Best Alternatives Of SHAREit App For Android. SHAREit is a cool little app Introduced by Lenovo. It’s simple, fast and really easy to use. The SHAREit app is available for all Android devices. Even though the app is really good and works fine, it is bloated with ads and unnecessary features.

List of Best Alternatives Of SHAREit App For Android

List of Best Alternatives Of SHAREit App For Android

If you have been looking for alternatives to SHAREit app, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will explore the Android apps that offer similar features to SHAREit.

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#1. Xender:

[appbox googleplay cn.xender]

Similar to the SHAREit app, Xender is cross-platform. It is available on a wide range of platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows PC. You can also transfer files using the web share feature where the second party doesn’t require the app and transfer takes place through the browser.

What I like about the Xender app is that it is not bloated and doesn’t show ads. Moreover, it doesn’t come with the stupid feed that is present in the SHAREit app. Even the user interface is simple and all the necessary features are apparent. Basically, you don’t get lost in its interface.

However, the thing about the Xender app that really annoys me is it’s unreliable and doesn’t work at times.

#2. Zapya:

[appbox googleplay]

Zapya is another great alternative to SHAREit. However, similar to SHAREit, it has ads. Thankfully, though, the interface is slightly better than SHAREit as it keeps the file-transfer tools separate from the unnecessary features.

The Zapya app also supports multiple devices. You can use it on iOS, Windows PC, and Mac. It has a separate web share interface similar to Xender.

However, unlike Xender and SHAREit, where the feature is built-in, you will have to download a separate app on your Android device as this feature is not available in the native Zapya app.

Zapya doesn’t require a data connection to work, it creates a Hotspot to send and receive files. It also supports phone replication feature present in the SHAREit app.

#3. SilFer File Transfer:

[appbox googleplay com.silfer.silferfiletransfer]

Available across platforms, the SilFer file transfer app also gives a tough competition to SHAREit. It is a simple app made for just file transfer and hence, comes with a nice and clean user interface.

If you don’t like installing the PC app, you can access files via its web version. The files can be transferred over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi-Direct, and Hotspot.

Interestingly, the SilFer app supports multiple transfers between multiple devices simultaneously. I really like the clean layout of this app and the ease with which you can transfer files using it.

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#4. Feem:

[appbox googleplay]

Minimal, clean, and fast is what the Feem app is all about. Unlike SHAREit, this app is not bloated but offers a no-frills layout. You have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to share files. If the same Wi-Fi isn’t available, you can create a Hotspot to send and receive files.

Similar to the aforementioned apps, Feem is available for platforms like iOS, Windows 10, Mac, and Linux. You can also access files via browsers.

#5. Dukto:

[appbox googleplay it.msec.dukto]

Many apps on Google Play Store that have been abandoned by the developers still work perfectly. One such app is the Dukto app, which was updated last in 2014.

Even though the app was updated long time ago, it is still available for operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Since it doesn’t offer web share feature, it is necessary that both the sender and the recipient must have the app installed on their device.

You have to use the IP address provided by the app to connect your device. Once they are connected, you can send a message, share clipboard, or transfer any type of file.

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 #6. Send Anywhere:

[appbox googleplay]

Another interesting alternative to SHAREit is the Send Anywhere app. Besides being accessible on different platforms, you can create and share files through links. With the help of this feature, you can share files with anyone who is not near you.

Although it offers a clean layout, the app does include ads. You can also share full folders using this app.

#7. Sweech:

[appbox googleplay com.sweech]

Unlike other file-transfer apps, Sweech is available on Android only. However, they provide you a URL that you can enter in any browser to send or receive files. You can then send any type of file and even share folders.

The web interface lets you view your full storage and also separates content according to their type. You can even share items on clipboard, the feature missing in the SHAREit app.


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