How To Check Who Is Using Your WiFi – (Easy Steps Block Wifi Access)


We all use the Internet nowadays for news, games & much more stuff. A few years back only big companies had a personal wired network for internet. But now, networking has popularized and even small businesses have their own network with wired cables. With the introduction of Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), commonly referred to as WiFi, many homes have their own network. Because it’s much more easy to set up as it is wireless and also it’s not very expensive that a common man can’t afford it. You must also have WiFi for your home. But, do you feel that your internet speed is slower than expected or someone is using your wifi. Today, we are here to help you clear your this doubt. We are going to tell you about how to check who is using your WiFi.

If you have seen a little hint that someone is stealing your wifi then you must don’t take it lightly. You might think what’s the big deal if someone is using it. But if someone has access to your WLAN network then they also have access to all your computer devices and sniff into them.

The threat doesn’t end there as any type of virus or malware can also be inserted into devices by them. So, we clearly don’t recommend to let any stranger use your wifi. This can be a threat to your privacy. To save yourself from this and check who is using your wifi, you should read and follow the following methods.

Check Who Is Your WiFi.

Who Is Using Your Wifi

To check who is on your WLAN network, you can use any of your devices. The main thing is that the device should be connected to your WiFi. Because the IP address is installed in your router. And, you can only access the connected devices while on the same IP.

Is a thought came in your mind that how you will get a hint if someone is using your network. For that, you must keep in mind a few points like these:

  • Your internet speed is pretty low. It can be because of a lot number of devices are connected.
  • Analyze the data consumption. If it’s more than what you think that you are consuming then it’s possible somebody else is using it.

Above were the two points which you should use to suspect someone is using your internet. Now, we will talk about the different methods which you can use to check the devices on your network. So, let’s start.

Check Your Router Settings With LAN IP Address.

This is the most reliable method to check who is using your wifi. It will also give you the most accurate information. In this method, you will access your router settings through the default IP address and username & password which you have been provided. You will need the default gateway of your network to undergo this method. If you don’t know then follow a few steps given below:

  • Open “Command Prompt” on your PC by searching it on your computer. Generally, every device has pre-installed in it.

Command Prompt Home

  • Now, just type the command “ipconfig” in it and you will see different information about your network.

Command to Check Default Gateway

From here, you just need to see the “Default Gateway”. Some of the common default gateways are given below:

  • (BT Home Hubs)

You must have known the default gateway of your network till now. So, let’s start with the process of checking who is using your WiFi.

Step 1. Open any of your web browser in your computer or smartphone. Just write the IP address in the address bar of the browser.

IP Address to Check Who is Using Your WiFi

Step 2. You will be redirected to a Login page. Here, you have to fill the username and password of your router into it.

Log In Page of Router to Check Who Is Using WiFi

If you don’t know about username & password, you must look for it on the router. Otherwise, contact your ISP provider to have them.

Step 3. Click on “Log In”.  You will be now logged into router settings.

There you will see all the connected devices to your network. You can compare the number of devices you have to the no. of devices actually connected. It will make more clear if any stranger device is connected or not.

Change Password Of Your WLAN.

If you have found any devices connected to your network then you should change the password of your network. To do, you have to log in into your router settings and navigate to the network key. Here you just have to change the network key and the password of your wifi will be changed. In case, you want to block some devices then you should read the ways given below.

Change Password of WLAN

Block Unknown Devices.

After seeing the number of devices on your router settings, if you see any unknown device or more no. of devices connected then you actually have. As said before, you can compare the no of devices you connected and the number of devices actually connected. Then, you should take action against them.

So, what you can do to block the unknown devices? You can block those devices. There are two ways to block any unwanted devices. These ways are as below:

Block Through IP Address.

When you will open the list of the connected devices in your browser. Here you will see an option to delete any connected device. You just have to click on that button. The button will be like a cross or written something on it. By doing this, it will not only disconnect the device but also that the device will be asked the password of the network again. This is a temporary solution because the device can be connected again with the new or same password.

List of Connected Devices Using Your WiFi

Block Through Mac Address.

In this method, the connected device will be blocked through it’s Mac address. To perform this, you have to go to the list of Mac addresses in your router settings. While you have reached the list, you just have to allow the Mac addresses of your devices and disallow all others. Unlike the IP address, it is a permanent solution. Because the device with disallowed Mac address won’t be able to connect to your network in any case.

MAC Addresses of Connected Devices

So, these were the ways which you can use to check who is using your wifi and also block them from using it. There is also a feature which allows you to disable any new devices being connected. Then only the previously connected device will connect to the network.No new devices will be allowed to connect to your network.

Using Applications To Check Who Is Using Your WiFi.

You have read how to check who is using your wifi through your router settings. But, sometimes the process is a bit tiring. You don’t have to worry because there are also some applications available for this purpose.

These applications are available for free on play store and you don’t require any root permissions to use them. Here are they:

  • Who Use My WiFi? Network Tool.

Who is Using My WiFi App Thumbnail

Who Use My WiFi? network took is an android application available for free on google play store with 5 million+ downloads. It has a rating of 4.5 stars out 5 with 94k reviews. This application will help you in finding the connected devices to your network. It is a very user-friendly app with a pretty good interface. While using this, just make sure you are connected to your network. Then, just scan the network in it. It will show you the IP address and Mac addresses of the connected devices. Here is the direct link to download it:

PlayStore Download Button

  • WIFI Inspector.

WiFi Inspector App Thumbnail

WIFI inspector is also an android application which is used to check the connected devices to your WLAN. It is available for free with a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and has been downloaded by more than 5 million users till now. This tool is very simple in it’s working as well as in its interface. To use it, open the application. Then click on the “Inspect My Network” button. It will start inspecting your network and will give you the list of the connected devices. It will show you the vendor name, IP address and mac address of the connected devices. In case you didn’t find it, you can download directly from the below link:

PlayStore Download Button

  • WiFi Thief Detector – Detect Who Use My WiFi.

WiFi Thief Detector App Thumbnail

WiFi Thief Detector – Detect Who Use My WiFi, as it is clear from the name that this application is used to detect the devices which are on your network. This application has been downloaded by 1 million+ users till now with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. You simply need to open it in order to check who is using your wifi. It doesn’t only check the connected devices but also has some other built-in features in it. Like, you can access your router settings within the application. There are other features like Ping, Wake On LAN and Whois in this application. Here is the direct link to download it:

PlayStore Download Button

So, this was the list of the applications to know who is using your wifi. There are no applications which can allow you to block any connected devices. For that, you have to go to the router settings as explained in the first method.


We have explained the ways which you can use to check who is using your wifi whether it’s router settings or applications. If you just want to know about the connected devices then you must opt for the applications. But is you also want to block and explore other settings of your network then you must go for router settings. You can use ways to block the devices. We hope you have liked it and will share it with our friends. We will be back again with new tricks. Until then, its Bye from our side. Hope you enjoy!


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