Are you going through a low storage memory on your device? Then, this article may help you in dealing with it. There is a way which you can use to consume less memory space but still have all of the content that you have now. Yes, today we are going to talk about how you can compress large files into small size to free up more memory.

Compressing is a process which converts the large-sized files into small-sized files. There are two main advantages of compressing i.e the compressed files will occupy less memory and it will also help in transferring them rapidly. You must have noticed that some of your friends have compressed large-size files into a small size. They all use different compressing techniques.

What is difficult in this world of technology? I can’t think of anything like that. Even, compressing a file is very simple and easy. Windows has a built-in feature which allows you to compress the files. This feature takes the file which is to be compressed and convert them into a zip file. It enables you to compress any files. But, there are other applications also which helps you to compress the files. We have explained all the methods which can be used to compress a file. So, here we go.

How To Compress Large Files Into Small Size.

There are a lot of software which provides a feature to compress large files into small size. Here is the list of software used to make large-sized files into small-sized files.

I. Built-In feature Of Windows.

First of all, we will talk about the feature of windows itself to compress the files. It’s pretty simple and easy to use. You don’t have to install any additional file for it. When you install windows on your device then it is automatically installed with it. It will compress the files into a zip file. With this, the size will be reduced but there will be no loss of quality of those files. The steps to use this feature are given below:

Step 1. Select the files which you want to compress.

Step 2. After selecting the files, right-click on them. You will see an option as “Send To” in the dialog box. Just hover the cursor over that option.

Windows Feature To Compress Large Files

Step 3. You will now see an option as “Compressed (Zipped) Folder”. Click on it.

Compress Large Files Into Small Size

It will then start the process of compressing and will save the file in the folder itself. The original file will be converted into a zip file now. You can extract them at any time you want to.

So, this was the built-in feature of compressing. But, it is not effective for very large size files. Because of which we have to use to other third-party software in order to compress a file. There are certain third party files which are given below:

II. WinRAR Tool To Compress Large Files Into Small Size.

WinRAR Tool to Compress Large Files

WinRAR is the best and most popular software which is used to compress files. It is so popular only because of its features like Add, Extract To, Test, View and much more. You can say that it’s the oldest compression software. This tool also has a format of itself and it is “.rar” format. You can make the archive file with that format too. Also, it can be found on each and every computer nowadays. Still, if you haven’t downloaded it on your device. Then, here is the direct download link to it:

Download Button

Then just install it on your device. Now, like the other tools, you just have to simply select the file and right-click on it. This will prompt a dialog box on your screen. There will be options as “Add to archive”, “Add to Archive.rar” and two other options. You can select any of these two and the file will be compressed in no time. Then, you can delete the original file because you have the compressed file.

Options to Archive Compressed Files

In this way, you can save some of your device’s storage. WinRAR is a tool which provides you high compression with an original compression algorithm.

III. 7-Zip.

7-Zip Tool to Compress Large Files

7-Zip is very popular software which is used to compress large files into small size and is available for free. It uses the format of its own which is called 7z archive format. This doesn’t mean that it can read and write only it’s own format. But, it is also capable of reading and writing other various formats too. It’s also pretty easy to handle. To use it, you first have to download it. Here is the direct link to download it.

Download Button

After downloading, just install it on your device. Once it’s done, you don’t have to do anything else. You simply right-click on the file which you want to compress or select the files (if there are multiple files) then right-click. Then you will see an option as “7-zip”. Just hover over it and it will show to further options. You can select any of the “Archive’ options and it will start compressing. After the compressing is over, the file will be saved in the original folder itself. It will be extractable and the size will also be reduced to a major extent which will free up the memory space.

Archive Files Options

This is the way through which this tool works. It compresses and reduces the file size to very low. It is one of the promising compressing tool available in the market.

IV. PeaZip.

Pea Zip Tool to Compress Large Files into Small Size

PeaZip is also a pretty good compressing tool nowadays and it is gradually becoming more popular. This tool can handle almost all popular formats about 150+ files types. It is also available in over 29 languages. You can change its language from the settings. Working is also different from other tools. It allows you to compress a file by right-clicking on it. But, there is also another way to do it. For that, you have to download it first. The direct download link is given below:

Download Button

Then, you have to install it. After that, just launch the tool and you will see an option as “Convert”. Click on that button. Drag and drop screen will appear in front of you. Here, you just have to drag and drop the file which you want to compress. Then, you can select the specifications from the bottom. Click on the “OK” button. And, the files will be compressed pretty quickly.

Drag and Drop Files

This is the process to make a large file into small size in this tool. This tool also supports all famous formats like 7z, PEA, ZIP and much more.

Benefits of Compressing Large File Into Small Size.

You must have known till now about how to compress large files into small size. But, you must have different thoughts in your mind that how it helps you. So, here are a few benefits of compressing a file:

  • It helps you to free up space on your device.
  • After compressing, the files become more easily transferrable.
  • There is a limit of size while sending files over an email. You can send those files after reducing their size through compressing.
  • Compressing doesn’t reduce the quality of a file, only the size is reduced.

These were the main benefits of compressing large files into small size. There are much more of them which you can experience by using the above-described tools.


Hence, we have explained the compressing tools and technique with their benefits. You can compress the files if there is a low memory issue or you want to transfer the files rapidly. The tools have been used and then presented in front of you. We hope you have liked it and will also share it with your friends. We will back again with another trick. Until then, its Bye from our side. Hope you enjoy!


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