How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel: Ultimate Guide

How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel

How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel

If you are interested in how to start a YouTube gaming channel. So, this article will definitely help you in the beginning of your gaming channel. YouTube is a very powerful platform where you can show your any kind of skills. Many gamers are very successful because of their gaming channels, they share their videos of games on YouTube and they made their career on it. The growth of the channel is one of the hardest part because now days the competition is very tough so you have to bring some unique and new content to the people.

So here some great tips for you that, how to start a YouTube gaming channel, which are given below:

1. Planning And Goals

First of all, you have to identify your goals that motivate you. Describing your goals is very important for you to understand how to do and then make plans for it because a goal without a planning is just a wish. By setting plainly described goals no one can stop you from the achievements from those goals. Also Do research on what you are going to do. Research is very important because its open’s your eyes on many things. Today there are a lot of YouTube gaming channels and content creators. So, your goal is to bring some new and unique content that your fans or followers love watching.

2. Search The Proper Tools

You also need to understand about the tools. Most of the videos are made with the Camera and on the other hand most of videos are made through a laptop, it depends on what type of content you are making. Everything starts with the help of video editing software’s. And for gaming channel the best and appropriate solution is screen recorder software. So, you have to choose the best screen recorder software for yourself. There are a lot of screen recorder software’s in the market.

3. Search For Inspiration

You should inspire yourself before starting the YouTube gaming channel by watching other famous YouTubers. Watch them and try to learn from there videos. The best secret for success is search for motivation everywhere. Even when you are done with everything. you should always keep yourself motivated or inspired .and remember everything takes time so just wait for the output of your hard work, keep patience.

4. Create Intros/Outros

Add intros/outros to your videos. Because they are very popular on YouTube. Intros are at the very beginning of video and outros seem at the end of the video intros/outros should be short filmed like 10-15 seconds maximum. With this your videos will look attractive and cool. Because an unclear opening and an instantaneous ending is not effective and valuable.

5. Make Schedule Of Videos

While Starting a gaming channel on YouTube you should make a schedule of your uploads. You can make YouTube as your career or hobby but viewers and followers watch that YouTubers which have their schedule, because they will know when their best YouTuber uploads. Otherwise if your uploading schedule is irregular so your followers and your viewers will forget about you. No one likes a YouTuber that has a schedule but don’t follow it, and also write descriptions of your videos. For success in gaming channel you just have to stay on your track and follow your schedule.

6. Don’t compare yourself with other

There are many channels on YouTube which are famous and more experienced than you. You should watch them and learn from them from there working style. Always remember every channel on YouTube were on the same place as you and in start you should start with same editing softwares. In start you should use windows movie maker for your editing. Do struggle and make unique content.

7. Use Social Media For Growth

Now days social media is the key to get viewers and huge number of subscribers to your channel. When you share your video link on social media networks and if your video content is great and interesting, so the people and your followers on social media will definitely share your videos, you just keep quality content in your gaming videos. And now days there are a lot of social media platforms, for example (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, reddit, etc.). And also try to collaborate with other channels on YouTube. so social media is very helpful in this process

8. Pay Attention To The Feedback’s

Your goal must not just to gain views. You have to take care of your YouTube channel subscribers and most important their feedback’s on your videos. Achieving subscribers is not easy, it is very challenging and specially now days there are a lot of YouTubers out there so there is tough competition.

YouTube subscribers are very valuable more than views because your followers will be coming for your gaming videos. Gaming culture and gaming videos are very inn now days and also very challenging, and this field views are just a goal to earning money but subscriber is like loyal followers of your YouTube channel. And try not to let negative feedbacks effect you very much .it can be little bit difficult in start because you don’t know who’s watching your gaming videos and their reactions and having large number of subscriber will make your channel very famous

so taking care of your followers and there feedback’s is very main part of your success.

9. Advertisements

The biggest problem of new YouTubers now days is that they don’t have patience. If your putting great effort in your videos so there is no reason you shouldn’t be growing. everything thing take time in this world you should put patience in your yourself and in starting of YouTube channel you just have to put quality content and unique content and bring creativity to your videos after that your hard work will definitely pay you off. And when your gaming channel becomes famous so there a lot of applications for ads or advertisements like Ad revenue.

That’s it, above all the tips about how to start a YouTube gaming channel.

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