Android Tips-How to Turn Off Screenshot Sound in Android


How to Turn Off Screenshot Sound in Android. So you just took a screenshot while your phone was on silent and you heard the capture sound. If you own a stock Android device such as Google Pixel, one of the Nokia series phones, Xiaomi Mi A1 or Mi A2, etc., they don’t disable the screenshot sound, even if you keep your phone on silent or vibration mode. Weird but true.

Not everyone is as lucky as Redmi or OnePlus users who have a built-in setting to turn off screenshot sound or even Samsung users who simply have to keep their phone on silent mode to avoid screenshot sound.

Well, if you own an Android device that doesn’t provide an option to disable screenshot sound, don’t worry. In this post, we let you Know some alternate methods to take screenshots without sound.

#1. Use Google Assistant:

All Android phones running Android Lollipop+ come pre-installed with Google Assistant. The Assistant, among other cool things, comes with an ability to take screenshots. And guess what? There is no sound when you capture a screenshot with Google Assistant in any sound mode. Meaning, even if all the sounds are enabled, you will hear no screenshot sound via this method.

To capture a screenshot using Google Assistant, open the screen that you want to capture. Then hold the home button until Assistant pops up. Tap on Share Screenshot option. You will then see the list of the apps where you can share the screenshot. Select the app. In case you don’t see the Share Screenshot option, type or say the command ‘Take screenshot.’

Note: The screenshot taken via this method will not be saved in your gallery. You need to select the Upload to Google Photos option from the sharing options to save it to your phone.

#2. Download Third-party Screenshot App:

If you don’t like the above method, you have another option of downloading certain third-party screenshot apps that enable this function.

Some of the apps that you can try are:

1. Screenshot Touch

This is my favourite in the list. Since I take a lot of screenshots related to my work, doing gymnastics with power and volume button isn’t my thing. Hence this app.

It is extremely easy to use. Once you install the app, tap on Start capture monitoring service. The button will turn red and you will see a floating camera icon. Now whenever you need to take a screenshot, simply tap this icon.

Your phone will vibrate after taking the screenshot. However, if you want, you can disable it in the app settings.

2. Screenshot Assistant

If you are not a fan of Google Assistant and can live without it, there is another way to capture screenshots without sound using the Screenshot Assistant app. With this app, you can take screenshots using the home button. Yes, you have guessed it right. You will not be able to use Google Assistant from home button if this is enabled.

Once you download the app, follow the onscreen instructions to change the Assist app from Google to Screenshot Assistant.

These were the two methods to capture screenshots on Android devices without sound. If you own a Redmi or OnePlus device, they have a built-in setting to turn the sound off. Here are the steps:

#Turn Off Screenshot Sound on Redmi and OnePlus:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap on Sound & Vibration.

Step 2: Scroll down and disable the Screenshot sound option.

Turn Off Screenshot Sound on Samsung Devices

Samsung devices have it a little differently. You need to keep your phone on silent or vibrate mode to turn off screenshot sound. To do so, simply lower the ringtone and notification volume to the minimum.


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