Android Tips-List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study


List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study. As useful as math is, it still remains one of the most difficult subjects for students to grasp. Something that you will need and use for the rest of your lives. While there were no smartphones and apps in my time, there is an app for everything now. Even for solving math equation.

List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study

List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study:

Here is a list of math apps that will help you solve all sorts of problems like algebra, calculus, and complex charts.

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#1. Photomath;

[appbox googleplay com.microblink.photomath]

Photomath, as the name suggests, offers a dead simple way to solve math problems. Point your camera on the paper, snap a picture of the problem, and the app will quickly work out and come back with a solution.

Why this matters? Because this will help you understand the process and actually teach you a thing or two about math. A pocket tutor, if you will.

There is support for handwriting given it is good and not garbled. There is also support for logarithms, trigonometry, algebra, equations, integers, decimals, and more. Photomath recently added support for graphs to make it competitive against the growing competition.

#2. Mathaway:

[appbox googleplay]

Mathaway uses your smartphone’s inbuilt camera to decipher and solve math problems. Just point your camera on a piece of paper or whiteboard and click a photo. Mathaway will begin working its magic.

There is also an option to enter the problem manually using the keyboard. It comes with a scientific calculator that will help you enter and recreate complex problems.

Where Mathaway really shines is its ability to provide step by step explanation for every answer and how it was derived. There is support for statistics and trigonometry too.

The app is free and ad-supported but if you want to view the steps with detailed explanations, you will have to upgrade for $18.49/m.

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#3. MalMath:

[appbox googleplay]

MalMath is a good math solver app for students who are studying in both school and colleges. You can use it to solve algebra, trigonometry, logarithms, equations, and derivatives. It will show you the steps.

If you want to get some practice, the app can generate sample problems for you, with solutions. There is support for some foreign languages as well.

What I didn’t like about the app was the layout of its calculator. It is in a straight line rather than in keypad shape that most of us grew up using. This slowed me down.

You can save your calculations for future references. MalMath is a free app that comes with no ads whatsoever.

#4. Math Tricks:

[appbox googleplay example.matharithmetics]

Math Tricks went a different route: Gamification. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to choose a theme. You then begin with the game. There are different options like single player, multiplayer, and training mode. I chose single player and minute challenge.

Depending on your preference, you will be presented with math problems that you will be required to solve. You get points for each right answer and the one with the highest points wins.

The interesting part is that the app will teach you some cool tricks too. You know those math tricks that let you calculate difficult looking problems without even writing them down somewhere? Yeah, those kinds.

The app is ad-supported and you can upgrade for $3.99 to remove them.

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#5. MathAlly Graphing Calculator;

[appbox googleplay]

A math app that is dedicated to the art of graphing. While there are other math apps that will allow you to solve graph problems, MathAlly makes it more interesting. It comes with a lot of settings and options like the ability to create your own keyboard. Yes, that can be handy if you are not happy with the default one.

You can also create your own custom keys for functions and expressions and add it to your custom keyboard. There is a full screen mode that will hide the status bar which is good if you are working on a smaller screen or don’t want to be disturbed by forwarding WhatsApp messages.

There is support for parametric and cartesian graph mode with workspaces to solve your work.

With this above list of math solving apps, you can now solve pretty much every math problem that comes your way. 


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