Android Trick-How to Make Fake GPS Location in Android Device


How to Make Fake GPS Location in Android Device. Most of the time you’ll want the GPS location on your Android phone to be as accurate as possible.On some rare occasions though, such as when playing the hugely popular GPS-based game Pokemon Go, Or want to share your fake location to your friend or Boss.You might want to alter where your phone thinks it is. Here’s how to change your GPS location on Android.Make Fake GPS Location in Android Device

In this tutorial, I am going to show how you can fake current GPS location on your Android phone. For this, I will use a free Android app called “Fake GPS Location Spoofer“, which lets you easily alter your GPS.

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Yes you can do it in just a couple of steps. Just Follow the below mentioned steps:

How to Fake our GPS location in Android Without Root

1. Download Fake Location Spoofer Free app from here.

2. Enable GPS location.

3. Go to settings then developer settings and click on allow mock locations. (If you can’t find developer options in settings then go in about section and click on build number 4-5 times)


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4. Open the Fake Location Spoofer Free app.

5. Select the location you want to manipulate or enter the exact GPS coordinates and click on the play button.

That’s it. You’ve successfully changed your GPS location without root. To undo or revert back just click on stop button.

How to change your GPS location on Android: Warning

If you are planning to use these techniques to extend your territory in Pokemon Go then you should be aware that the app developers, Niantic, don’t look too kindly on this behavior. If detected, you could find yourself locked out of the game for several hours as a punishment, and continual abuse could even bring about the deletion of your account. The company has even adjusted the code in the game to look for certain settings in Android which will reveal whether you’re trying to cheat or not. So be warned.


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