Microsoft Windows Blog

Microsoft Windows Blog

We have selected top Microsoft windows blog from ton of Microsoft windows blog in index, using social and search reference. We choose these websites by carefully hardworking because these all websites are active regularly and work on educate, power and new technology. Every reader wants some unique and different platform to get good latest updates and quality information. Here below top 10 websites of Microsoft windows blog.

1. The Windows Blog

This is Microsoft official blog website. In which you get detail knowledge about windows, devices etc. Since 2007, the windows blog post frequency is about 4 posts per week, which is very good and means Microsoft will inform immediately you about their technologies and upcoming news etc.

Its Facebook fans is about 46,989,497 and Twitter followers is 472,087.


2. Reddit / Windows 10

Reddit community provide all things and news about windows 10, is a computer operating system released by Microsoft corporation.

In addition, The blog post frequency is about 169 to 170 post per week will be noticed. Its Facebook fans is total of 1,187,125 and Twitter followers is 556,240.


3. Windows Latest

Windows latest provides the latest information and latest news updates about Microsoft released or up coming windows phone, Xbox devices and much more etc.

In addition, Since Jan 2016 is post frequency is about 15 posts per week which is rarely good. Its Facebook fans is 3,913 and Twitter followers is 1,261.


4. Windows Central

Windows Central is most leading blog platform for those who interested in all things of Microsoft. It covers all news, reviews and thinking opinion about all the latest technology of Microsoft and their related. For example, windows phone, Xbox, PCs, and much more other things etc.

In addition, Frequency of post is about 168 posts per week. Windows Central Facebook fans is 389,751 and Twitter followers is 370,596.


5. MS Poweruser

This blog platform is also focused on Microsoft related things. It provides all related information about Microsoft and their products like windows phone and windows 10 etc.

In addition, Its frequency is about 84 posts per week. Its Facebook fans is 37,130 and twitter followers is 104,845.


6. On MSFT

You have to follow this blog platform for latest Microsoft news and latest updates on windows 10, Surface, Office, Xbox and everything related to Microsoft corporation.

In addition, Its frequency is about 56 post per week. Facebook fans nearly 18,639 and Twitter followers is 20,979.


7. Windows Report

Want more news and more new solution for your problems, then you have to follow this blog. In which how to advice and top solutions to get the best of windows software.

In addition, Blog frequency is about 84 posts per week. Facebook fans is 1,280 and Twitter followers is 30.


8. The Windows Club

Window club blog platform is providing all topics about windows 10/8/7 users and solve issues by covering different topics. For example, it provides information about Tips, Tricks, Help, Tutorials and Support etc.

In addition, Since Feb 2014, blog frequency is about 24 posts per week. Facebook fans is 51,607 and Twitter followers is 14,073.


9. Paul Thurrott / Windows

Follow this blog for latest updates, windows news and Tips etc. It is an award-winning platform and blogger with 20 years of experience.

In addition, Is frequency about 9 posts per week. Facebook fans is 2,544 and Twitter followers is 2,734.


10. Winaero

An asset where you will locate the best changes, tips and tricks for Microsoft Windows. It makes utilizing your PC and acing Windows simple for you – we have astounding instructional exercises, amazing free applications and subjects with HD desktop backgrounds for you to appreciate.

In addition, Its frequency is about 21 posts per week. Facebook Fans is 9,022 and Twitter followers is 800.


Above all top 10 Microsoft windows blog websites for latest updates.


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