Watch Whatsapp Status Whithout Knowing User(Anonymously). If you are a Whatsapp user then you might be aware of the Whatsapp Status feature. Status Feature of Whatsapp is similar to the Snapchat Stories which disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Contacts of the person can watch Whatsapp Status from their Whatsapp.But the main issue is that when someone watches Whatsapp of another user then the person who has uploaded the status can check that who has watched his/her status. There is no such way officially by which you can watch a Whatsapp status Anonymously.

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Watch Whatsapp Status Whithout Knowing User(Anonymously)

Watch Whatsapp Status Whithout Knowing User(Anonymously):

When the Whatsapp developers decided to change the whole status sharing function over this amazing social media, they changed the filter from anonymous to no-anonymous. This means that the users were now able to share their status in form of images or media and not in the text alone, this media is then shown over to all of the friends under the status section.

Whenever anyone views up the status posted by the person he/she is shown regarding the name of the friend who actually viewed the status. This is somehow good to know how many people and who do see your status while on the other side for the friends seeing the status they would not be liking to let being recognized of seeing the status.

The whole play comes to the anonymity. Here the person would be liking to do some of the settings through which the WhatsApp status would be seen while remaining anonymous all of the time. Here in this article, we have written about the settings through which the user could be able to see the Whatsapp status anonymously.

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How to Watch Whatsapp Status Anonymously:

The method is quite simple and straight and there are two methods that you can follow to implement this. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

#1. Watch Whatsapp Status Anonymously Using ES File Explorer:

As we all know that Whatsapp’s files are stored in our device storage but all these files are hidden and normally they can’t be seen with the normal File Explorer. To watch the hidden files we need to install ES File Explorer. Once you download this then you will have access to see hidden files. Follow the below-given process to watch the status anonymously.

  • At first, visit Google Play Store and download ES File Explorer on your mobile phone.
  • Now open the File Explorer and move to Whatsapp folder where all the Whatsapp files are located.
  • Inside this folder, there will be another folder named.Statuses.
  • Open this folder and there will be the statuses of all your contacts which were uploaded in recent 24 hours.
  • Click on the photo or video to watch the status.
  • If you watch status in this way then the user will not be able to track you that whether you have watched their status or not.

Watch Whatsapp Status Anonymously

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#2. Watch Whatsapp Status Anonymously Using Whatsapp Trick:

This is the second method to watch whatsapp status of others without letting them know, and this method requires you to follow these few steps.

  • Open your whatsapp application
  • Open settings by clicking on the three doted line at far right hand side of the app.
  • Once in settings, click on account follow by clicking on privacy.
  • Whiles in privacy, navigate to the bottom of the screen and locate read receipts. Tap on read receipts to turn it off and you will be able to watch your friends whatsapp status anonymous.

NB: Once you turn off read receipt, you will also not be able to see those who watched your status. You can turn on read receipt at any time if you want.

Hope both of the above methods would be helpful to you. Do not forget to check for the working of the above methods through seeing any of your friends status and asking if they can see on their seen list.

This would make sure that what you are viewing is not identified by your friends. Do note that you could anytime change or revert the second method from the list and hence gain the visibility over the WhatsApp.

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