WhatsApp Tricks-Awesome 10 WhatsApp Tricks Every User Should Know


Awesome 10 WhatsApp Tricks Every User Should Know. WhatsApp has now become one of the most famous Messaging App of our daily life. More than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. WhatsApp is free and offers simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling, available on phones all over the world.

WhatsApp Tricks Every User Should Know

WhatsApp lets you share images, video, user location and audio media messages from one smart phone to another instantly over internet which is essentially the main reason behind the popularity of WhatsApp. People fell very easy to use WhatsApp to send messages, images, videos etc to friends or to any other easily.

With the increasing popularity, We are here with  some Awesome WhatsApp Tricks that can make this app more fun and useful to use. Here are top 10 and Best tricks that every Whatsapp user must know.


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1. Quote Text in Reply

Now, WhatsApp for Android app is letting you quote messages while replying. Something which is already present on Telegram.

To quote a message while replying, you need to long press the message you want to quote. Doing so will show you a reply option along with the option to star, delete, copy or forward the message. Tap on the reply option and you will see a preview of the quoted message above the text box. Now just type your reply with quoted message and send it. Your reply will be shown along with the quoted message.


This works for media messages and in personal and group conversation as well. The quoted messages will be color coded which is really helpful in group conversations. Also, WhatsApp will scroll up to the quoted message when tapped on it. This can be really useful in group conversations.


2. Tag People in Group Chats

WhatsApp has now rolled out ‘@mentions’ feature that lets you tag members in a WhatsApp chat group. To tag someone in a chat, just use the @ symbol and start typing out the contact’s name. You’ll see suggestions pop up as you start typing, and you can even tag multiple contacts in the same message if you like annoying several people at once. Even if the intended contact has that particular group chat muted, he or she will receive the notification once you tag them.


Tagging people with ‘@’ sign in any group chat will notify the person even when the group is in mute mode for him. Moreover, it helps to be specific about whom you are talking to.


3.Hide Your WhatsApp Status, Last Seen & Profile Picture

The “last seen” feature can be the root to some problems in life and keeping that in mind, WhatsApp has included the ability to hide it altogether. You can hide your last seen, profile picture and status from people.


4 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know About 44 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know About 2

To do that, you just need to go to WhatsApp’s Settings->Account->Privacy. There you will have the options to choose whether you want your last seen, profile picture and status to be seen by “Everyone”, “Contacts” or “Nobody”.

Note: If you hide your last seen, you won’t be able to see others’ last seen as well. 


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4. Turn Off Read Receipts aka Blue Ticks

Read receipts aka blue ticks, like last seen, can create some relationship issues, so you might have contemplated on turning it OFF entirely. Well, WhatsApp understands that and there’s an option to turn it off.

WhatsApp features the option in Settings->Account->Privacy. In the Privacy page, you will find a toggle to turn off “Read Receipts“.

WhatsApp Tricks read receipts

Note: If you turn off read receipts, you too will not be able to view anyone else’s read receipts. 

5. Set up Popup Notifications and Reply Directly (Android only)

WhatsApp includes the ability to get popup notifications on Android. You can turn it on by going to Settings->Notifications->Popup notification. You can set it to show popup when screen is off or on, or you can set it to “always show popup”.

WhatsApp Tricks popup notification

The popup notification also lets you reply directly from the popup, which makes chatting with more people simultaneously easier.

6. Change WhatsApp Wallpaper

The same old wallpaper in WhatsApp’s chats can get a little monotonous after some time and that’s why WhatsApp lets you set custom wallpaper to spice things up a bit. 

WhatsApp Tricks change wallpaper

The option to choose a wallpaper resides in Settings->Chats and calls->Wallpaper. You can choose to have a custom wallpaper from your Gallery or choose one from WhatsApp’s library.

7. Email a Conversation

If you want to keep a special chat safe in your email account, WhatsApp lets you do that easily. On Android phones, press hold on a chat and you will get an option to “Email chat” and on an iPhone, you will have the “Email chat” option in “More” when you swipe left on a chat. You can also send the media on WhatsApp as email attachments.

WhatsApp Tricks Email Chats

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8. Use WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a now a well known feature but it’s an important one nonetheless. That’s the reason we are reiterating here on how to use it.

To use it, go to web.whatsapp.com and tap WhatsApp web on your phone to scan the QR code from your PC. Once you’re done, you will see your WhatsApp chats in your browser tab. Moreover, WhatsApp Web also brings you notifications although that’s only when WhatsApp Web is open in a tab.

whatsapp for web material design website

9. Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture on your Phone

You Can Change The Whatsapp Profile Pictures Of Your Friends In Full Size View But In Thumbnail, The Picture Will Remain Same.

Image result for Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture on your Phone

Navigate to the following folder: /device/sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures. Here you will see the profile pictures that the app has saved. If you don’t see your friend’s picture in here, go back to WhatsApp and open it. Once you find his picture, Note down the name of the picture and then delete the picture. Now, find the picture you want to add to his profile. Make sure the picture is in JPG format. Change its name to the original one. Now copy-paste this picture in WhatsApp – Profile Pictures folder.


10. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

If you’ve accidentally deleted your WhatsApp chats, you can easily recover them because WhatsApp backups your chats every day at 2 AM. Uninstall and then re-install WhatsApp. Sign up with the same number you used WhatsApp with previously. You will be prompted that a backup has been found. Tap “Restore” to start the restoring process. Once done, you will see all your messages back and healthy.

Image result for restore WhatsApp Messages


So enjoy these cool tricks and tell us your experience by commenting in the comment box below. Don’t forget to Share the post.


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